Clutter Definition & Removal

Clutter Decisions

Once you understand what clutter is and what effect it can have on your life, you may want to look around and decide to do a bit of decluttering in your own home. Assess the Environment Look around you now. Does the room you are in look tidy and feel spacious? Is it a...

Clutter Excuses

Letting go of your clutter can be hard. You may have identified rooms which are cluttered and realise that certain items you have, just do not get used. You may desperately need more space and have trouble finding things. You may hate the way your home looks because...

Identifying Clutter

Things you never use Books you have never read, and never will kitchen gadgets you have only used once or twice and then decided you couldn’t be bothered to get them out again (or they were too difficult to clean) pictures and ornaments in storage that you don’t have...

Identify Your Pet’s Clutter

Pets have clutter too, though to be fair it’s not really their fault. We buy our pets useful accessories, nutritious food…

Ten Items You Should Never Keep

We all have clutter but we often feel helpless as to how to deal with it. I’ve compiled a quick check list of things you should never keep.

Ten Habits to Avoid Clutter

Avoiding clutter can be as simple as acquiring good habits. Here are 10 habits which if you adopt immediately, will prevent clutter from building up in your home. 

It Will Be Useful One Day, Won’t It?

We all have clutter, some more than others, admittedly. And one of our favourite excuses for keeping clutter is our conviction that it might be useful one day. 

10 Absurd Reasons Why You Keep Clutter

For anyone who doesn't know what clutter is (and I'm sure you all do!) I define clutter as things you don't use, things you don't love, and things you don't have room for. It sounds like madness. Why would people keep things they don't use or don't even like? But we...

Home and Garden

How To Make Housework Easier

It’s not the cleaning that takes the time, it’s moving all the junk out of the way. Help yourself by sweeping away your clutter first.

Is Fashion To Blame For Your Clutter?

Most of us like to keep abreast of fashion when it comes to our clothing. We read fashion magazines, we observe what celebrities are wearing, and what people in the street are wearing, and we notice the new trends appearing in clothes shops. But are you a fashion...

The Economics of Clutter

We’re often reluctant to give our clutter away, because we’re convinced that it’s worth something. But if we calculate the economics of clutter then we’ll understand that it’s not worth very much.

Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

Sometimes it’s hard to feel motivated to get rid of all your clutter, but if you could swap your unused items for cash, you might feel a bit more keen.

Moving Home – What to Pack First

When you know that a move is imminent it’s common for you to look around with a feeling of despair and think to yourself “Where do I start?”

Why Clutter Is a Mum’s Secret Enemy

All mums have a lot to cope with, but there is something that is impacting upon your time, your energy and your feelings of well being like a secret enemy; and that thing is clutter.

How to Tame Your Garden

If you’ve been too busy to look out of your window for a while, you may get an unpleasant surprise; your garden has gone wild!

How to Improve Your Car

Clutter makes any car look awful. Whether you have a Mini, a Mondeo, or a Mercedes; any car will look better if it’s clean and uncluttered.

Clutter Control for Children

Problems with clutter are not confined to adults. As every parent knows, coping with children’s clutter can be more tiring than coping with your own!

Moving Home Without The Pain

Moving house is one of the most stressful life events we can undertake, but my theory is that most of the angst is caused by clutter.

Stop Drowning in a Sea of Paper

Paper clutter is a big problem for most people. Sometimes it feels that everywhere we turn we’re surrounded in a sea of paper and we’re drowning. But all is not lost.

It’s a Jungle Out There!

It’s been resting all winter but now it’s waking up and before long it will swarm everywhere. Like an angry triffid it will soon be unstoppable! I’m talking about your garden.

Without Storage Clutter Is King

Even if you only possess what you actually use, if you got it all out your home would look a horrible mess. Adequate storage is the only way to stop your abode looking like a scene from a disaster movie! 

The Psychology of Clutter

Make Your Weekend Count

Some people see their weekend as pure relaxation, but I see mine slightly differently. I do spend time relaxing, but I also see the weekend as valuable time to prepare for the week ahead;.

Are You a Clutter Caretaker?

Do you have a house full of other people’s clutter? Are you a caretaker of clutter that isn’t yours? Well you’re not alone.

Take Time Out to See Your Clutter

I was ill for a week recently. As I lay on the sofa under a blanket, unable to move much and too unwell to read, I had nothing to do but survey my surroundings. I wasn't too happy at what I saw. Whilst I had been busy rushing hither and thither, living my daily life,...

How To Help A Hoarder

When clutter grows to the extent that it affects your lifestyle drastically and compromises your safety it becomes hoarding

How Much Stuff Do We Actually Need?

My daughter went away to university in September 2011. We drove off with our car packed full of her belongings, sitting uncomfortably squeezed between bags, rucksacks and boxes. We arrived at the campus, crawled out from under, and staggered around in a stiff way...

Don’t Let Clutter Steal Your Time

Time is the most precious thing we have. If we had more time we could learn more, earn more and play more. So why do we let clutter steal our time? 

Why You Need to Declutter Your Time

Occasionally your life can become so busy that you can’t find time to do the things that are really important to you. When that happens, you know you need to de-clutter your time.

Clutter: You Do Mind and It Does Matter

Some people say that clutter doesn’t bother them. They say that if they don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter. But I disagree. I believe that they do mind and it does matter. They just don’t know it yet. 

How to De-Clutter Someone Else

A lot of people have an issue with someone else’s clutter and sometimes I get asked “How can I make my children or my partner de-clutter?”

How to Master Decision-Making

We all know people who cannot make a decision. Their lives are a series of missed opportunities. But your clutter can teach you to be more decisive. 

Clear Clutter to Generate Change

Having too much clutter in our lives stifles us, suffocates us and makes us resistant to change. Clearing your clutter will clear your mind.

Does Sentiment Keep Your Life Cluttered?

You may be desperately short of space and get frustrated at the clutter all around you, and yet may feel unable to declutter due to a sentimental attachment to certain objects from your past.

Clutter at Work

Conferences Can Cause Clutter

When we’re at a business exhibition or conference we may be tempted to pick up all the free samples that are on offer, but it results in an awful lot of clutter.

Travelling Light For Business

Business trips are tiring at the best of times, but you may be making it worse for yourself by taking a pile of clutter along with you.

De-Clutter Your Home Office

Even if the only person to see your office is you and the cat, your clutter may be giving your business a problem.

It’s Time To Act!

What’s stopping you from living the life of your dreams? Is it lack of money, education, or confidence? Or is it lack of time? If you had all the time in the world, then think what you could achieve!

De-Clutter Your Wardrobe for Success

Success can depend on many factors. One important rule to remember if you want to be successful is that you must dress for success, and you can’t do that properly with a cluttered wardrobe.

Why Clutter Kills Productivity

Everyone wants to be productive; to hit the day running and achieve six impossible things before breakfast. But all too often we don’t. Why?

Declutter Christmas & New Year

Deck The Halls With Tattered Tinsel?

Christmas is coming and it's time to deck the halls; but what condition are your Christmas decorations in? Do you need to de-clutter your embellishments and cull your adornments? What State Are Yours In? We only get them out once a year and usually at a time of great...

Enjoy Christmas Without the Clutter

Everyone says that Christmas is about children, and anyone who has kids will know the truth of that. Adults may open a modest pile of gifts on Christmas morning, but it's when the children get started that you know you're in for the long haul! The Land of Plenty...

The Problem With Presents

Presents shouldn’t be a problem but they often are. A large proportion of people’s clutter is caused by unsuitable gifts.