Time is the most precious thing we have. If we had more time we could learn more, earn more and play more. So why do we let clutter steal our time? 

It Slows You Down

Every task takes longer when we have clutter in our lives. Let me give you a few examples. You have arranged to go shopping with friends, but you remember that your car tax has expired and you need to renew it before you go out. You look for all the documents you need in order to renew it, your insurance certificate, etc, but you can’t find them. You spend an hour searching for them in your clutter and you are late for your shopping trip.

It Makes You Late

Another occasion, you are off to the beach for the day but you can’t find your sunglasses or your sun cream. You spend ages searching for them and then go without them. You arrive so late at the beach that the car park is full up (which is just as well or you would have got sunburnt!)

Time Matters

These are just a few examples of the way in which clutter eats into our time. Every task you do, from making a phone call, to doing the washing, involves being able to find tools, navigate your way around, and have freedom of movement. If you have to waste time looking for things or clearing space, then every job will take longer.

You may not think this matters but it does. Time is one of our greatest assets. As our day draws to a close, we often feel that we haven’t achieved enough. We’ve all uttered those immortal words “If only I had more time”. Well you can have more time! Every single one of us has the same number of hours in a day, but some of us are slowed down by clutter. If we spend longer on mundane chores because of clutter, then we have less time for enjoyment, achievement and relaxation.

Don’t Waste It

By allowing clutter to slow you down you will spend more time washing, ironing, tidying, filing your tax returns, gardening, decorating and grocery shopping. Wouldn’t you rather get these necessary but dull tasks out of the way quickly, and free up most of your time for more important and enjoyable things? I know I would.

Gauge The Effects of Clutter

Next time you do a dull chore, notice how long it takes you. Notice whether you were slowed down by clutter, and work out how much quicker you could have finished the job without clutter getting in your way. You may be amazed at the results, and if you are then you have the incentive to tackle your clutter and oust it from your home.

Achieve More

Time is too precious to waste because it is always passing. We can’t slow down time but we can speed ourselves up, and there is nothing more satisfying than achieving more through time well spent.