Clutter Hunting

Clutter Hunting - Tracking Down Your Clutter

Tracking Down Your Clutter

Having realised that you do have clutter and that it’s having a negative effect upon you and your life, you want to get rid of some clutter. Now comes the part that is both the hardest and the most satisfying: deciding what to get rid of.

Decluttering can be personally challenging because each object has some kind of emotional hold upon you. Perhaps it reminds you of an event in your past, maybe it was a present from a long-deceased friend or family member? Are you holding onto the fantasy that your deep-sea diving mask will come in useful one day? Or that eventually you will take that back-packing trip across the world that you have saved your 30 year-old walking shoes for?

What you have to decide is how badly do you want the space, the freedom, the sense of control and the self respect that comes from decluttering. Are these objects more important than that?

Take one room at a time and look at each drawer or cupboard in isolation. Don’t try and declutter the whole house at once because the task will seem overwhelming.