What is Clutter?

what is clutter?

Once you understand the negative effects clutter could be having upon your life you will feel the urge to get rid of some. For many people, this can be the hardest part: deciding what is clutter, and what you really can’t live without.

A good starting point is defining our terms. What exactly is clutter? At it’s simplest, clutter can be defined as “things you don’t use”, “things you don’t love” and “things you don’t have room for”.

Possessions which are clutter include things:

  • you don’t use
  • don’t know you have
  • don’t like (yes, we all have some of these, but we still keep them!)
  • can’t find (do you know where the instructions for your PC are right now?)
  • don’t know how to use
  • are broken or obsolete
  • stir up bad memories
  • don’t have room for

Why would anyone keep something they never use? Look around your own home right now. How many things can you see that you never use?

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