Clutter-free Living

clutter-free living

When you have managed to free your home, garage and car from the tyranny of clutter, you can really start to reap the rewards. What is it like? It feels great. You are sharing the feeling that thousands of others have felt after removing the clutter from their lives.

How many people can say they are clutter-free? How many people can say that every object in their home is something they like or use frequently? How many people can say that they have:

  • A house that seems to keep tidy almost by itself
  • Plenty of room in cupboards and drawers
  • The ability to find things quickly and easily
  • Space to move around without knocking things over or doing themselves an injury
  • Freedom from losing keys or mobile phone every time they need them
  • Confidence that when they put something (anything) down for five seconds they will be able to find it again
  • No sense of guilt about all the things they haven’t had time to read or watch
  • Saved money on all the clutter they would have bought
  • Less stuff to shift around when they vacuum the carpet or polish a shelf
  • The confidence to to invite people around at the drop of a hat without panicking about what they will think of all the clutter
  • Been able to enjoy and savour all those items which are important to them
  • The feeling of confidence and self-respect that comes from knowing that not just their cupboards and drawers are in order, but their life is too.
  • All those objects you agonised over – whether to keep or whether to give away. Do I use it, will I ever use it, could I bear to part with it, would it ruin my life if I did let it go? I bet you miss not one of those possessions now. They were clutter because you weren’t using them.

Do you feel in charge of your life and home? Taking control of your clutter can put you in control of your life and empowered in your relationships. How much can you achieve now that you have taken charge of your work, your relationships, your hobbies?

The skills you have used to declutter your home are the same skills you can use to improve every other aspect of your life. Take the opportunity. Do it now.

Staying on the clutter free wagon takes a new way of thinking, but when you understand the rewards of decluttering, you will already have changed the way you think. Savour the rewards of a clutter free life and you will never want to go back to the way you were.