My Story

My own decluttering journey began decades ago.  My husband was very unhappy at work and had always dreamed of leaving his job and starting his own business.

A Stressful Situation

We agreed that he should follow his dream. It was made complicated by the fact that we had two children under the age of five and were expecting our third child imminently. We lived in a house with two double bedrooms and one single, and my husband initially would need to work from the single bedroom until the business was more established. This left two bedrooms for the five of us to sleep in, which made things a little crowded. To make things worse, we had just bought some kitchen units from friends, and had these stored all over the house!

Did I go mad? Did I get even? No, I decluttered. 

My Solution

We got the kitchen units fitted, and then I ruthlessly de-cluttered our possessions. I gave away the things we didn’t use, didn’t like, or had forgotten we had. I got hold of some good storage to keep what we did need, and was ruthless about keeping the house tidy.

How To Control Stress

Decluttering my life enabled me to cope with a very stressful situation. Things are very different today, but  I haven’t forget the lessons I learned. Trying to reduce the clutter in my life still helps me to take control. Tidy, uncluttered surroundings can induce a feeling of serenity in times of stress, and can help you to feel on top of things.

Your Clutter Tips

I know how much being in control of my clutter has helped me, so I now pass on my tips to other people, to help them to control the clutter in their lives. I would love to hear how clutter has affected you, so tell me your story about how you have conquered clutter, or how clutter has caused problems in your life.

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