Some people say that clutter doesn’t bother them. They say that if they don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter. But I disagree. I believe that they do mind and it does matter. They just don’t know it yet. 

The Ocean Effect

Everyone feels better in uncluttered surroundings. Why do people love newly decorated rooms? It’s because all the clutter of dirty marks and peeling bits of paper have been removed. Why do people love beaches and the ocean? Because the sand gets washed clean by the sea every day and they can gaze upon miles and miles of smooth, uncluttered waters. Are you one of those people?

Are You an Ostrich?

However when it comes to your everyday surroundings; the home or office in which you spend most of your time, you claim not to mind clutter. The reason is that you’ve buried your head so far in the sand, that you’ve lost your bearings. You think that your clutter doesn’t bother you. But if someone came and took it all away, your overriding emotion would be one of relief.


You cover up your real feelings by making excuses. ‘I don’t like giving things away.’ ‘I’m sentimental about my possessions.’ ‘I might need it one day.’ ‘It’s brand new.’ ‘I’ve never worn it.’ ‘It has perfectly good parts in it.’

Understand That You Are Bothered

You need to understand that these are just excuses and not real, valid reasons; you need to understand that your clutter does bother you; that you do mind and it does matter. Only then will you be ready to de-clutter. And when you are ready to de-clutter there will be no stopping you.