When Christmas is over and a new year begins; when the hours of daylight seem short and working hours seem long, many of us can feel down in the dumps. But this is the perfect time to look ahead and plan a new, dynamic, and successful year ahead.

Make Change Happen

Your life won’t change unless you do, so make new year’s resolutions but really mean them this time. Clearing out your clutter should definitely be one of your resolutions this year, because it’s likely to be the spring board for a whole host of other changes.

Take Control

I know from experience that if you can gain control of your clutter, then anything seems possible. From losing weight, to finding a better job. When I clear clutter I feel strong, powerful and elated. When I’ve finished I’m looking for my next challenge. This is a great frame of mind to be in at the start of a new year.


Lose The Weight Of Your Clutter

Start by making a list of areas that you want to de-clutter, beginning with those rooms or places that bother you the most. If you walk into a room and immediately feel tired, then it’s probably cluttered. Clear that junk away and you’ll feel invigorated next time you enter. Like stress, clutter weighs us down.

Yesterday I took down all our Christmas decorations and packed them away in the attic in boxes. Today our Christmas tree has gone to be recycled, along with a broken television. My house looks tidier and more spacious already. What a great start to the new year!

You Can Change Any Time You Want

Bear in mind that you don’t have to wait for a new year to make resolutions and change your life. You can resolve to change at any time of the year, and clearing clutter is the best way to start. It clears your head as well as your home or office. It puts you in a kick-ass mood to tackle any other parts of your life which aren’t perfect.