We all know people who cannot make a decision. Their lives are a series of missed opportunities and uncertainty. But if you are one of those people, then it doesn’t have to be like that. Your clutter can teach you to be more decisive. 

Shopping Hell

I went shopping with my cousin recently and it turned out to be the shopping trip from hell. She needed to buy a gift, and as luck would have it she saw something she liked in the very first shop we visited. But despite my encouragement she wouldn’t buy it. She was convinced that she might find something even better in another shop.

So we trekked to every single shop in the area, and then visited them all again. By the end of the day my feet were complaining and so was I. She ended up buying the item she had seen in the first shop. Much as I like my cousin, I may not be too keen to go shopping with her again in a hurry!

Can’t Move, Won’t Move

I have some friends who have been saying for 15 years that they’d like to move house. But they never do. They just cannot make up their minds to make that shift in their lives.So they continue to live in their present home, which is adequate but which they are thoroughly bored with.

Some people just cannot seem to make a decision. Because of this, their lives are less successful than they could have been, less colourful, less varied, and less fun. There is always an element of risk to making a decision, but the rewards can be great.

Start Small

A really effective way of learning to make decisions is to practise on your clutter. This is a relatively safe way to practise, because what’s the worst that can happen? You may have to buy a replacement! The consequences of deciding to give an item to a charity shop, or sell it on ebay, are much less risky than bigger decisions like whether to quit your job, or whether to go back to college.

Decisiveness is like a muscle, it gets stronger with use, so use it on smaller matters like your clutter. Decide to sell that old bike. Decide to ditch that broken computer. Decide to give away the hobby materials you haven’t touched for 20 years.

Oh Go On

You will feel empowered and your confidence in your ability to decide things will increase. So that eventually you will be ready to move onto bigger things, things that really matter and which could change but enrich your whole life. Go on, make a decision…