Your clutter is dead wood. It’s holding you back from achieving your goals and the life of your dreams. This is because all those items you never use are a distraction. They muddle your thinking, stress you out and slow you down. Get rid of the dead wood and sprint towards your future goals unhindered. 

It’s Dead Wood

Our clutter is dead wood because it occupies our minds as well as our homes. It seems harmless just lying around and you may not even notice it, because it’s been there for so long; but like bad habits it could be harming you.

It Steals Our Space

There are two ways in which your clutter can harm you. Firstly it takes up physical space, something we all claim not to have enough of. After all, how many people complain of having too much space? Or too much storage? Do you ever overhear someone saying “I really must move house because I have so much storage and so much space, I just can’t cope” No, I thought not! So if lack of room and storage is such a problem, why do we fill up our precious space with clutter?

The consequence is that we don’t have enough space for our new hobbies or interests, but instead of getting rid of all the things we never use, we build more storage space, or we hold back from indulging in the activities we really want to engage in.

It Clogs Our Mind

The other way in which clutter harms us is that it occupies space in our mind. Most of our thoughts and actions are unconscious; so we’re often unaware that our clutter is clogging up our minds. Do you ever hear anyone say “I just don’t have enough to occupy my mind. I’m so calm and relaxed that my mind is just one big vacuum”. I thought not!

It Adds To Our Stress

The truth is that most of us are stressed and anxious. We have too much on our minds and this can lead to insomnia, mood swings, irritability and over-eating. Some worries are out of our control; yet we allow our clutter, which is eminently within our control, to add to our mental weight gain. Instead of stripping away the clutter which adds to the noise in our head, we allow it to stay.

It Holds Us Back

It’s holding up back because we can’t think clearly when our minds are clogged up, but we allow it to stay because we don’t think it’s harming us and we can’t be bothered to tackle it.

Clutter is dead wood. It’s stopping us from growing, expanding and flourishing. It steals our physical space and invades our mental space.

You Can Stop It Now

Once we realise it’s harming us we can stop it; so stop yours now. Strip away all the items you never use, bag them up and give them away. Then see how much room you have to grow, what a sense of relief you have, and how much lighter you feel.