As you grope through the mess in your life, trying to find the things you want from among the things you don’t want, do you ever wonder what your storage is actually for? 

What Do You Keep in Yours?

Take a look through your cupboards and drawers, your wardrobes and closets, your attics and basements, and what do you find? Mainly the things you never use; your childhood toys, every greetings card you ever received, presents you don’t like, old rolls of wallpaper, a toaster that doesn’t work, clothes that don’t fit you, scraps of material, books you don’t want to read, inherited furniture. It’s all in there, occupying your precious space.

The Daily Hunt

Whilst your storage areas are full of all this clutter, it’s no wonder you don’t have space for the things you do use. Which is why when you’re looking for something, you don’t look in a cupboard or a drawer, dear me no. Instead you look on the table in the hall, on the kitchen worktops, the dining room table, your desk, the mantelpiece, or even the floor. You just know it’s lying around somewhere.

Any flat surface attracts clutter, like bees to pollen, and this is where your usable objects are to be found. While you’re engaged in the daily hunt for your car keys, purse, mobile phone, remote control, or your driving licence, you sift through many other objects in your search, making the job much more challenging.

It Keeps Getting Worse

Every time you go shopping or have a birthday, things only get worse. You acquire yet more objects that you don’t have room for. As you don’t have anywhere to put them, they just get added to the piles of junk lying around, until your home starts to look like a jumble sale.

De-Cluttering is the Answer

What’s the solution to this growing problem? Either you banish flat surfaces from your home and have everything perpendicular (and then everything would end up on the floor!) or you have to de-clutter.

Wouldn’t it be easier if your storage areas were full of things that you did use? If you were to ditch all that clutter, then you could free up those cupboards and drawers. You could reclaim your storage for the things you do use, and then, next time you lose something, you’d know where to look.

Storage is Finite

It sounds simple, because it is simple. Storage is finite, clutter keeps growing. Yet the number of objects we actually use tends to stay roughly similar! If you got rid of everything you didn’t use, you might halve your possessions, but everything you had left would have a purpose. Your storage could be full of useful objects, your surfaces could be clear, and most importantly of all, you could find what you were looking for.

Paradise is Within Your Reach

It may sound like a pleasant dream, a glimpse of another plane of existence; but it can be done and you can do it. Just stay focused, keep your end goal in mind, de-clutter ruthlessly; and your home will transform into pleasant, tidy and organised paradise.