We all have clutter but we often feel helpless as to how to deal with it. To help you to identify and deal with the junk in your life, I’ve compiled a quick check list of things you should never keep. Go through your home or office and see how many of these things you can find! 

1. Used Batteries

We all have these lying around. We don’t know if they’re new or used and we can’t be bothered to find out. Gather them all up and test them, then put the working batteries in a box and dispose of the rest. Any shop that sells batteries is obliged to provide a receptacle to dispose of them, so make use of this service.

2. Obsolete Mobile Phones

These are no good to anyone. You’ll never use them if you have a better one. You won’t even need them as a spare back-up if you have phone insurance. Most people if they lose their phone, will buy a new one rather than revert to using an old-fashioned handset. Sell them, give them to a charity shop, or bin them.

3. Blurry Photos

Why do people keep these? Delete them from your computer and if you’ve been foolish enough to print them out, throw them away.

4. Broken Objects

You may have an optimistic belief that you’re going to get these mended one day in the future. Give yourself a deadline and when that passes throw them away. They’re not doing you or anyone else any good at the moment.

5. Old Newspapers

You may need a few to line the rabbit cage or for packaging, but as it’s unlikely you’ll ever read them again, most of these should be disposed of. Nothing is worse than old news as by its’ nature, news is meant to be new!

6. Perfume You Don’t Like

Give it to someone else as a gift, give it to the charity shop or even pour it down the sink. If you’re never going to wear it, then why on earth are you keeping it?

7. Clothes That Don’t Fit You

Optimism may be responsible for you having clothes that are too small for you. Unless you’re on a successful diet right now, don’t keep these. Instead reward yourself with a new wardrobe when you do succeed in losing weight.

At the other end of the spectrum, pessimism is responsible for keeping clothes that are too big for you! Show some faith in yourself and give them away.

8. Gadgets You Never Use

You don’t use them, so why are they taking up precious space in your home? There’s probably a good reason why you don’t use them; they take too long to clean, they’re complicated to use, or you’ve lost the instructions. Whatever reason is stopping you isn’t going to go away in the near future, so ditch the gadgets.

9. Gifts You’ve Never Liked

Why? Why would you keep these? You don’t like them, you’ve never liked them, so it’s pointless to torture yourself by keeping them. Don’t let guilt stand in your way. Gifts are meant to please the recipient, not the giver, and as they’re clearly not pleasing you then you should pass them on immediately.

10. Keys That Don’t Fit Any Lock

You may have a misty hope that one day you will find a lock that fits each and every key. If you’ve had them a year and this hasn’t happened yet, then it never will. Your key collection is just taking up precious space in your home. Dump them now.

Seek Out And Destroy

Go through your home and office with a fine tooth comb, seek out and find all the ten types of objects on my list and remove them. You will immediately have less clutter and more space. Start now!