You have lots of clutter lying around. So what? What’s wrong with keeping clutter anyway? 

Well since you ask, I’ll ask you a question in return. How does all that clutter enhance your life? I suspect that it doesn’t. When you look around you, and all you can see up to the distant horizon is clutter, how does that make you feel?

There are five main disadvantages of keeping clutter.

1 Clutter Stops You From Finding Things

It’s no good having it if you can’t find it. How many times have you been late because you were looking for something? Your car keys, your wallet, the letter you were going to post, even your handbag? Why can’t you find the TV remote, your glasses or even a comb? Could your clutter be to blame?

2 Mess Makes Stress

The next disadvantage follows on from the first one really! Being late stresses you, and so does not being able to find things. Just looking at a mess of paperwork or an untidy room can make you feel as though you can’t cope. Clutter causes many frayed tempers and tiffs as you trip over someone else’s shoes in the hall, or you spend two hours looking for your electricity bill.

3 Clutter Makes Doing Housework More Difficult

Housework is never fun at the best of times, so why make it harder for yourself? Vacuming doesn’t take that long; it’s moving everything off the floor that takes the time. Whilst dusting would be easy if it wasn’t for all those cursed ornaments!

4 It Can Even Cost You Money

When you can’t find your screwdriver and you go out and buy another one; when you purchase another pair of gloves because you’ve mislaid yours; when you buy something you don’t really need; does it ever occur to you that your clutter is costing you a fortune?

5 Clutter Makes You Feel Out of Control

This is the worst effect of clutter. Everyone feels at their best when they’re on top of things. And you don’t feel in control when you have a sea of possessions washing around you.

When you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can’t navigate the hall without tripping over something, when you can’t even sit down without emptying the chair! How does this make you feel?

When you miss birthdays because you can’t find your birthday book, when you complete a work project late because the paperwork was lost among your clutter, how does this make you feel?

We All Want to Feel Empowered

No one likes to feel helpless. We all like to feel in command of our lives. But clutter steals that control away from you. Clutter makes you feel as though you can’t cope sometimes; it makes you late, it makes you miss appointments, it stops you from completing projects. It makes you feel irritable and weighed down with the pressures of life.

Worst of all clutter makes you miss opportunities. When we’re caught up with possessions, with the past, with mess and with chaos, we are fogging our minds. To make the most of opportunities that come up and of new people that we meet, we need to be ready. People with clutter are never ready, because they haven’t let go of the past and are struggling with the present.

Take Control of Your Life

Everything you do will be easier without clutter and you will be tuned in to your surrounding much more keenly. Opportunities are all around us. Without the distractions of clutter you will be more likely to notice them, and be prepared to take advantage of them.

What’s wrong with keeping clutter? Everything. Take command of your clutter and you will be amazed at the positive effects upon your life.