What do you do at the weekend? Have a lie-in, slob around in front of the telly in your dressing gown until lunchtime,  potter around the house a bit and then meet your friends at the pub in the evening? It may be relaxing, but is it a weekend well spent?

Some people see their weekend as pure relaxation, but I see mine slightly differently. I do spend time relaxing, but I also see the weekend as valuable time to prepare for the week ahead; because if you prepare for your working week, then it’s much less painful when it actually arrives.

Master Your Mess

And I don’t mean an officers mess, as I’m sure they’re always tidy! The weekend is a golden opportunity to tidy, neaten and organise all the mess that holds you up, slows you down and infuriates you during the working week.

If you put away in the right places, all the objects that are lying around in the wrong places, then you’ll be able to find things quickly when you need them… and when you’re late for work you need to be quick.

Morning Madness

We all have scenarios where we’ve overslept, run out of shampoo, spilt our morning coffee and then misplaced our car keys. As a result we arrive at work flustered, frustrated and in entirely the wrong frame of mind. If this happens to you every morning then you need to read this blog very badly indeed!

By keeping all your possessions (or as many as humanly possible) in the correct places then you will actually be able to find them when you need them. Imagine the joy of that. Your working week will go much more smoothly; you will feel in control, on top of things, and master of your own life.

Prepare For Greatness

Relaxing is all well and good, but if you spend all your free time relaxing and none of it organising or preparing, then your life will be more chaotic than it needs to be, and you will miss opportunities because your head is in the wrong place.

Did Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great spend all their spare time lolling around relaxing? I very much doubt it. They wouldn’t have achieved all that they did if they had mislaid their swords or their battle plans in the heat of the moment. Being disorganised could turn your ‘Waterloo’ into a ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’!

Even if you don’t aspire to great deeds then at least aspire to greater competence in your everyday life. Make your weekend count and you will forge ahead of those who don’t.