Christmas is coming and it’s time to deck the halls; but what condition are your Christmas decorations in? Do you need to de-clutter your embellishments and cull your adornments?

What State Are Yours In?

We only get them out once a year and usually at a time of great stress, so it’s not unusual for our Christmas decorations to be in need of a bit of tender loving care.

Every year we succumb to the glittering lure of new and shiny doodads to hang upon the Christmas tree. Every year we find ourselves buying new sets of twinkling lights to festoon our windows and even our gardens. But do we ever go through our mass of old decorations and look at them in the cold light of day?

Disreputable Decorations

If you did then you might get an unpleasant surprise. Tatty tinsel, pitiful paper chains, broken baubles, and wretched wreaths… are the vast majority of your decorations disreputable?

I’m not suggesting you go on a wild spending spree as I’m sure you have plenty of new and shiny ones already. Just de-clutter your collection of dilapidated, squalid and threadbare adornments. Once you’ve binned your balding tinsel and your battered baubles you can take a fresh look at what’s left. You may have less quantity, but the quality or your embellishments will be immensely higher and you will free up some precious space in your storage area.

Blackpool Illuminations

Nothing looks more cluttered than too many Christmas decorations. Go for a less is more approach this year and be sparing with your garnishings. Don’t get a seven foot Christmas tree if you have a small room, or it will loom over you for the entire holiday and get in everyone’s way. Lights can look pretty, but don’t get carried away or you will end up with an approximation of the Blackpool illuminations!

The Christmas season tends to introduce a lot of clutter into your home anyway in the form of gift shopping, rolls of wrapping paper, piles of cards to be written and posted, and all those bizarre items your children bring home from school at this time of year!

Keep It Simple

By decking your halls with too many decorations you will be adding to the cluttered appearance of your abode. Clutter is always a stressor and by the time your home fills up with people on Christmas day, you may well be feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

Be sparing with your Christmas festooning and your rooms will look less cluttered, will have a more peaceful feel, and you will feel less swamped by all your festive activities.