For anyone who doesn’t know what clutter is (and I’m sure you all do!) I define clutter as things you don’t use, things you don’t love, and things you don’t have room for.

10 Absurd Reasons You Keep Clutter

It sounds like madness. Why would people keep things they don’t use or don’t even like? But we all do. The reasons are complex and usually based on emotion rather than logic. We justify keeping clutter with some or all of the following justifications:

  • It will come in useful one day
  • It was a present
  • It goes with my decor
  • I can’t decide what to do with it
  • I might give it to someone one day
  • I’m going to mend it
  • I may start using it again one day
  • It’s too good to throw away
  • It’s brand new
  • I’ve never used it

You may be able to think of some more reasons, but that covers most of the ground! Most of these reasons are nonsense.

Let’s take a closer look at these reasons:

It will come in useful one day; well, if it hasn’t been useful for the last five to ten years, then it probably won’t be useful for the next five or ten years!

It was a present; you can appreciate the thought, but if you hate it then do you really have to keep it for ever?

It goes with my decor; is that really a reason to keep it if you have don’t have room for it?

I can’t decide what to do with it; give it away.

I might give it to someone one day; if you don’t like it then does someone else deserve to be burdened with it?

I’m going to mend it; I bet you won’t!

I may start using it again one day; and pigs might fly!

It’s too good to throw away; give it to charity.

It’s brand new; you don’t use it, so sell it to someone who will.

I’ve never used it; there’s a clue there! Time to get rid of it.

People think emotionally when it comes to clutter and emotional decisions are not usually the best decisions. If you are short of space, then you can’t afford to keep all the clutter you have. If you don’t use it and don’t love it, then it doesn’t deserve a place in your life. So get rid of it. Not only will you free up space for things that you do love, you will have a new sense of being in control which will then carry over to other areas of your life.