Some people take drugs in order to feel good, and many more eat, drink, or shop a little bit too much in order to feel special. Having no clutter makes you feel magnificent and is a lot cheaper and healthier! Cleanse your home of clutter and feel amazing every minute you spend there.

Losing Weight

Losing clutter weight is just as good as losing body weight; it makes you feel fantastic. When you wake up in a bedroom that looks spacious and uncluttered; when every object you see is useful or beautiful, then you feel great in the mornings.

Bathroom Bliss

As you go into the bathroom to wash and instantly lay your hands on whatever you need, because everything in there is useful, you feel on top things. You get dressed and are able to find a clean, ironed outfit that you know looks good on you in an instant, because your wardrobe isn’t full of clothes you never wear.

Breakfast Buzz

When you make your way downstairs and pass through an airy hall without having to squeeze past bicycles, coats & tables, into an uncluttered kitchen, your good feelings continue. Making breakfast is easy once all the gadgets you never use have gone, because there’s room to manoeuvre, room to put things down, and you can find what you want quickly and easily.

Calm and Relaxed

You find your car keys exactly where you left them and leave for work, feeling in control, calm and in the right mood to tackle the day ahead. When you get home from work, you can relax in a home that makes you feel calm and tranquil, where there’s no visual noise to disturb your psyche.

You Are Awesome

The envy and respect of your friends, relatives and casual visitors helps to make you feel awesome; as does the fact that you seem to be the only person in the world who rarely loses things, have plenty of storage space and room to invite friends around. You have the energy to entertain because you spent a lot less time on housework now that you’ve de-cluttered.

Don’t Be Insane

With this many benefits you’d be insane not to de-clutter. Avoid a trip to the asylum by getting rid of your clutter. It’s a guaranteed drug-free, alcohol-free, chocolate-free, shopping-free way to make yourself feel good. It doesn’t cost you a penny and there are no negative health benefits.

But a final word of warning; de-cluttering makes you feel so good that it can be addictive!