Do you have a problem? Do you want to de-clutter but you just can’t motivate yourself? Do you sit on the sofa and look around you at all your clutter, but somehow, you can’t seem to get started? This is a common problem, but I have the solution for it. 

My Solution

I have a guaranteed method which, if you have any pride at all, will get you off that sofa and engaged in a de-cluttering frenzy. The solution to your motivation problem and my method to kick-start you to de-clutter your home is this: get on the phone, ring someone up, and invite them around for dinner. The ideal people to invite would be someone you may not feel close to and are slightly in awe of; such as your children’s headmaster, your boss from work, or your snobby in-laws.

Oh Crikey!

As soon as the invitation is issued and you put down the phone, you will feel a change within you. That feeling of lassitude; that feeling of I’ll do it later; that feeling of it doesn’t really matter; will vanish. You’ll look around your house with new eyes and horror will strike deep into your very soul. Horror at the clutter all around you!

You won’t get off the sofa, as much as leap from the sofa. You’ll find energy you didn’t know you had. Motivation will seize you and it won’t let you go until you’ve tidied and de-cluttered every inch of your home.

Pride and Prejudice

The thought of your boss from work seeing that pile of DVD’s piled precariously on the coffee table, the shoe and coat mountain in the hall, the piles of clean washing waiting to be put away; will galvanise you like never before. Everywhere you look you’ll see clutter you didn’t notice before.

All of a sudden you’re seeing your home through the eyes of someone you’re in awe of and somehow it doesn’t measure up. Not until you have de-cluttered, tidied, polished, and groomed it. Shame and pride are powerful emotions, and they should be utilised to the full.

All Shiny and New

Once you’ve carted all the rubbish to the dustbin; once you’ve deposited a mountain of clutter at your charity shop; once you’ve put everything in it’s proper place; once you’ve vaccumed, polished and cleaned; you will look around you with new pleasure.

Your abode will now look like a feature from ‘Ideal Home’ magazine and you’ll be bursting with pride. You’ll no longer want to invite one lot of people around, you’ll want to invite everyone you know around. You may even feel inspired to hold a dinner party to show off your new-look, beautiful home.

So if you want to de-clutter but can’t seem to summon up the energy, just pick up that phone and make that call. Not only will your house benefit, but you may even make some new friends.