Clutter is all around us and like a pirate is constantly trying to invade.  Prevention is better than cure, so if you want to stay victorious, use my six battle strategies to stay on top of your clutter enemy. 

Repel Paper Attacks

Every day post shoots through your letterbox or mail box. I’m willing to bet that fifty per cent of it is unsolicited junk mail. If this builds up in the hold then you have a problem on your hands, so you need to tackle this paper assault fast.

As soon as it arrives separate the junk and go through it quickly. Anything with personal details on should be annihilated in the shredder and the rest jettisoned in the bin or recycler. Problem halved. Next make two separate piles from what’s left, one for filing and one for actioning. Do the filing straight away and imprison the rest in a folder or filing tray marked urgent action.

By dividing and conquering in this way you will prevent the kind of paper build up that can overwhelming your defences.

Disembark Flotsam

Keep a charity bag on the go in a handy cupboard or the in hold. Any time you come across something you don’t use, then in the bag it should go. When it’s full ship it off to your nearest charity shop. This is a great way to disembark unwanted flotsam and jetsam and will make you feel virtuous.

Leave your Doubloons

It’s very simple, buy less stuff. Don’t make unplanned or spontaneous purchases, as these tend to become clutter. Leave your doubloons at home to make this easier. Think twice before you purchase anything to ensure you want it, will use it, can afford it, and have room for it. Remember you don’t have room for a canoe, won’t use a hammock, already have six pairs of boots and can’t afford a new parrot. This is a win win situation as it will save you money and will reduce clutter attacks.

Send It Overboard

A large proportion of our clutter is made up of present attacks. Giving gifts is a lovely tradition but can be a mortal blow to your attempts to keep your life clutter-free. Auntie Mavis may not know that you hate to cook and may attack you with a cookery book every year. Cousin Sam may have the erroneous belief that you like ships in bottles and your unwilling collection may be growing before your eyes.

Gifts often sit gathering dust and guilt is often what prevents these musty offerings being given the heave ho. Giving gifts pleases the giver and the recipient because it show affection, but you don’t have to keep every single one. I bet you don’t remember the last six gifts you gave, so others won’t either. Ship your gifts overboard and don’t feel guilty, as long as you appreciate the thought.

Avoid Friendly Fire

Having a one in, one out system is very effective for repelling clutter. The perpetrator of much of your clutter invasion is you; a type of friendly fire upon yourself! So if you buy a new object then give away what it’s replacing. If you buy a new coat then give away the old one; you won’t wear it. Don’t put your old TV in the attic; you won’t watch it again. No one uses the old in favour of the new and shiny, so don’t keep the old stuff hanging around. This will keep you ship-shape and clutter-free.

Forever Vigilante

When you want to stop clutter from invading your life than you have to be ready to repel boarders. You must have a no attitude when it comes to clutter. Stay on high alert and as soon as you realise you don’t use something then it must walk the plank. If a well-meaning brigand tries to give you something you don’t want, then that isn’t the time to be polite! You must respond with a firm “no me hearty”.

Remember clutter is the enemy and you must always be ready to fight it’s attempts to attack your home. Being on constant clutter-alert will keep you on your toes and your environment clutter-free. Good luck and keel haul your clutter.