Do you have a cupboard stuffed full of clothes but still have nothing to wear? How many clothes do you possess that are gathering dust? If you’re like most people then at least half of your wardrobe consists of rarely or never worn items.

What’s Your Problem?

You may not think this matters but it does. If you have to fight a battle every morning to get to the items you want to wear, then your morning routine is a lot harder than it needs to be. Finding an outfit suitable for the occasion; finding a top to match your trousers; or shoes to go with your skirt; is all going to be a lot more problematic if your clothes are squeezed in like sardines in a tin. Not to mention the extra creasing caused by all that cramming!

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your clothing coordinated? Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just reach in and grab an outfit that suited you, fitted you and that you felt good in? Well, you’ll only achieve this pleasant state of affairs if you sort out your clothes once and for all.


Divide The Enemy

First take all your clothes out of your wardrobe, drawers and anywhere else they’re hiding (don’t forget to wash and include the ones in the laundry basket). Then lay them on your bed, or the floor if your bed isn’t big enough!

Your Trusty Friends

Next sort them into three piles: the wear-frequently pile, the wear-occasionally pile and the never-wear pile. The wear-frequently pile can be put straight back into your wardrobe.

To Wear or Not to Wear

Assess the occasional-wear pile and decide why you don’t wear them more often. If it’s because you only wear a party dress or ski once a year, then you should keep them. But store them in a different location to the clothes you wear frequently. If you hardly ever wear them because you have doubts as to whether they suit you, or you don’t feel comfortable in them, then you should consider ditching these items.

What Never?

Finally inspect the never-wear pile and ask yourself why do I even have these? You need to determine why you don’t wear them. If you can’t breathe in them, then they should go. If they make you look fat, then they should go. If they were fashionable five years ago, then they should go. If they are shabby, then they should go. If everyone winces when you wear them, then they should go.

A Bad Match

There may be some items that you never wear for slightly different reasons. They may look good on you, be up to date and in good condition, but you still don’t wear them. If this is because you have nothing to co-ordinate with them, then you need to decide what you need to purchase to fill this gap. For example if you have a pair of tan trousers, but have no tops that go with them, then go shopping for a top that will.

Comfort Over Style

Another reason why we don’t wear clothes that we know look good on us is habit. I’m guilty of this at times. I’m used to wearing jeans or trousers and feel comfortable in them. So I tend to wear trousers almost exclusively, despite the fact that I know I also look good in dresses and skirts. If you have clothes you’re not wearing because they’re out of your comfort zone, then force yourself to start. By wearing them you’ll gradually begin to feel more comfortable in them and will also be expanding your comfort zone, which is always a good thing.

You Shall Go to the Ball

Another common reason for unworn garments is aspirational clothing. You possess a tracksuit but never exercise, or you have a cocktail dress but never go anywhere smart. You bought these garments for a reason! If you would like to be fitter then why not book a set of exercise classes? Or find a friend to go jogging with?

Perhaps you bought the cocktail dress or the dinner jacket because you fancied a bit of glamour in your life, but never go anywhere sophisticated enough to wear them. We all aspire to a James Bond lifestyle sometimes. Why not save up and buy tickets to a posh ball, or book a table at an expensive restaurant as a treat, so that you will have an occasion to wear that glamorous outfit? We all need to spoil ourselves sometimes!


If the garment was just a total mistake; you know you shouldn’t have bought it, it looks awful on you and you wouldn’t be seen dead in it, then cut your losses and sell it. Don’t hang on to it out of guilt, even if it cost a small fortune. Be realistic and accept that you got it wrong this time.

Wardrobe Bliss

Once your wardrobe is free of the garments you never wear and you’ve put the items you rarely wear somewhere less visible, then you’ll be left with the clothes you wear frequently. What bliss. You’ll be able to see at a glance what you have. You can hang together items which co-ordinate. You will be able to reach in and grab an outfit quickly and easily; knowing that it looks great on you and you love wearing it. Your clothes won’t be jammed together like a Tube train in the rush hour. You may even find garments you forgot you had.

Don’t wait, start now. Divide and conquer your clothing, and then you will be ready to take on the world!