Are you having an identity crisis? Do you know who you really are? If you get rid of all the things that no longer interest you, then what you’ll have left are the items that encapsulate the real you; the you you are and the you you want to be. This magnifies your focus and enables you to achieve your goals much faster. 

Who Are You?

After all, who are you? Someone who mindlessly collects CDs or china plates? Someone who used to play the piano, collect china figures, go to aerobics and study French?

Who is the real you and do your possessions reflect that person? As people we change all the time. Every new experience we have, every person we meet, leaves an impression upon us and changes us slightly. The result is that when we are forty, we’re a very different person than when we were twenty. We have different interests, different perspectives and often different friends.

What Do Your Possessions Say?

Yet do your possessions reflect this change? Do you still have an enormous piano occupying half of your living room? A collection of figurines you never look at? China plates you force yourself to dust, a pile of French grammar books and a sports outfit you never wear?

Are You Confused About Who You Are?

If you keep the things that no longer represent the real you, then you can feel confused about who you are, what you want and what your goals are. We get somewhere a lot quicker if we know where we’re going, and in the same way you’ll achieve your goals a lot faster if you have a clear vision of what they are.

Eliminate What Doesn’t Fit

If you no longer want to play the piano or learn French, then get rid of the paraphernalia that is not only cluttering up your home, but your mind too. Work out what you do want to do, the kind of interests you really have and eliminate anything that doesn’t fit in with this.

Know Where You’re Going

The result will be that you will stop being confused about who you are and what your goals are. Everything around you will remind you and focus you on where you’re going in life and what you wish to achieve. With this crystal clear focus you will reach your goals faster, be more at peace with yourself, and have the certainty that you’re travelling in the right direction.

So banish the clutter, end your identity dilemma and find out who you really are.