I have a theory that introducing change into your home usually results in an urge to de-clutter. Try it for yourself. Order a new carpet, decorate a room, re-arrange your furniture, or throw a party; then see what happens.

The result could startle you. Most people will feel an overwhelming compulsion to de-clutter, and when this happens you shouldn’t hold back!

Empty a Room

The beauty of having a carpet fitted, or decorating, is that you need to empty a room completely. This isn’t easy, and soon you’ll be cursing yourself for having so much stuff. You won’t be able to believe how much clutter you’ve stuffed into just one room. When you finally empty it and have your carpet laid, or whatever, the room will look amazing.

You’ll start to put stuff back and this is where a strange paradox occurs. There never seems to be enough room to store all the things you took out. This amazing paradox will mean that you end up with piles of surplus items. Having put back all the possessions you want back into the room, then you realise that what’s left is frankly useless and can part with it without regret. Even if you do have a few useful items, they very probably belong in another room, in your attic, or in someone else’s house entirely.

Re-arrange Your Furniture

Even the simple act of re-arranging your furniture will unearth some clutter, and you are likely to find that some items just don’t look right with the new arrangement. Don’t resist, but take this golden opportunity to clear some space in your home.

Have a Party

Throwing a party is another big change generator. For a start you realise that if thirty or so people are going to be invading your home, then you need space. Creating this space in an average home is not easy, but can be done by removing some furniture and many possessions from a room. Having done this and successfully held your party, why bother to put all the clutter back? Doesn’t the room look nicer this way? Plus, next time you want to hold a party, the room is all ready and waiting.

Change Hates Clutter

These are just a few examples of the changes which will make you see your clutter for what it is, an interloper in your home. Coming back from holiday, a new job, losing weight, starting a new relationship, or ending an old relationship; all of these things often induce an urge to de-clutter. This is because we want our surroundings to reflect the change in us as a person. The trick is to artificially induce a change which enhances your life, in order to spark the desire to de-clutter. Try it for yourself, and you will amaze yourself, as well as those around you.