You may wonder what the real point of de-cluttering is and why you should bother. Well read on for ten compelling reasons to de-clutter.

1. It Makes You Feel Calm

Having a room full of clutter makes you feel tense and anxious, even if you’re not aware of it; whereas having no clutter gives you sense of peace and calm. This is why we feel tend to feel serene in a beautiful garden, or by the sea. You can recreate that sense of peace in your own home if you get rid of your clutter.

2. You Stop Losing Things

We all lose things and this can be frustrating and even embarrassing at times (ever lost some important papers?), but you’ll lose a lot less if you don’t possess any clutter.

3. You Feel In Control

It’s lack of control that causes most of the stress in our lives. We can’t control the weather or the economy, but we can control the amount of clutter we have. Controlling your clutter will give you the push you need to take back control of other areas in you life.

4. It’s Easy To Be Clean and Tidy

You may feel that being clean and tidy isn’t easy at all, but is in fact extremely difficult. But what makes is difficult? Your clutter, of course; it’s not the cleaning that takes the time, it’s moving all the junk out of the way. Help yourself by mopping up your clutter first.

5. You Have A Clear Focus

If you get rid of all the things that no longer interest you, then you will have left the items that encapsulate the real you, the you you are and the you you want to be. This magnifies your focus and enables you to achieve your goals much faster.

6. You’re Not Held Back By Dead Wood

You clutter is dead wood. It’s holding you back from achieving your goals and the life of your dreams. This is because all those items you never use are a distraction. They muddle your thinking, stress you out and slow you down. Get rid of the dead wood and sprint towards your future goals unhindered.

7. It’s Easier To Make Decisions

Making decisions can be hard, especially when you’re surrounded by clutter. Your clutter consists of old projects, sentimental reminders of your past, and unused items. You can’t engage in the clear thinking needed to make decisions when you’re surrounded by this stuff. Make a decision to clear your clutter and all your other decisions will get easier.

8. You’re Surrounded By Things You Love

Being surrounded by objects you dislike or feel indifferent to is a waste of your space. Your environment should only contain items that you enjoy looking at, or which serve a real and useful purpose in your life. Any object that doesn’t fulfil that brief is an interloper that is stealing your space. Surround yourself with things you love and reclaim your space.

9. You Feel Proud Of Your Home/Office

Do you love people popping around unexpectedly, or do you think “Uh oh”? We should feel proud of our homes or offices and revel in showing them off to people. The fact that we generally don’t means that we’re ashamed of our clutter. Don’t allow secret shame to invade your environment. Get rid of the clutter and then you can hold your head up high and feel proud of your space.

10. It Makes You Feel Good

Some people take drugs in order to feel good, and many more eat, drink, or shop a little bit too much in order to feel good. Having no clutter makes you feel good and is a lot cheaper and healthier! Cleanse your home of clutter and feel amazing every minute you spend there.

Now Take Action

You’ve heard ten compelling reasons to de-clutter and believe me, they work. Go forth and de-clutter your home and office, then can reap the many benefits of a clutter-free environment. It could change your life.