Everyone wants to be productive; to hit the day running and achieve six impossible things before breakfast. But all too often we don’t. Why is it that our to-do-list is often left undone and we end the day feeling like a deflated balloon? 

I believe that clutter is the major culprit for our inefficiency. We start off the day with high hopes and a tight schedule and then our clutter gets in the way. If we can’t find the folder we need to start that project, the phone number we need to ring that contact, or even a pen to make some notes with, then it’s not the best start to the day! Every task takes longer if we can’t locate the tools we need to do the job. This then make us late for our next task, setting up a cycle of frustration and wasted time.

But this isn’t all! Clutter not only slows down our physical progress through the day but it also has an effect upon our mental faculties. Who has sat down at an untidy desk and felt a bit harassed? Or walked into a room which is in disarray and felt irritated?

Clutter doesn’t just clutter up our physical surroundings, it clutters up our minds too and this is why it is such a killer in terms of productive action. Successful people are not encumbered by clutter. People who are truly efficient and zip through their day achieving everything on their schedule, or more, know how to deal with clutter. If they didn’t, then I doubt that they would be the powerhouses of productivity that they are.

Don’t let clutter hold you back and slow you down. It’s not worth it! Tidy your desk; throw away or remove everything you don’t use; shred that old paperwork, and emerge from your clutter like a butterfly from a chrysalis. A new, streamlined, super-efficient you; ready to take on the world!