Your clutter isn’t just innocuously lying around, it’s keeping you poor. Clutter harms you in many different ways, but one of the worst problems of all is the way it affects your pocket.

Buying Frenzy

Wasting your cash on things you never use is clearly a pointless activity. But this is what many of us do! We just don’t realise we’re doing it. Almost every unplanned purchase ends up as clutter. We know what we actually need and when we go out and buy a saucepan to cook our dinner, we’re putting our money to good use. But when you go into a shop and are seduced into the spontaneous purchase of a yet another DVD or magazine, you’re wasting your money on clutter. You worked hard for that money. Stop buying and start saving.

Duplicate and Triplicate

Some of us have so much clutter we don’t know what we’ve got and couldn’t find it anyway. This can result in us making duplicate purchases. We’ve all done this. We know we’ve got a tin of white paint somewhere but we can’t find it, so we buy another one. Or we buy a pair of black trousers, only to discover that we have three pairs already. Too much clutter results in poor purchases.

Time and Motion

When you can’t find what you need, when you don’t know what you’ve already got, when you don’t have space to work, when you can’t think clearly; all this chaos is caused by clutter and will delay your efficiency. Your career or business need you to be organised, productive and on top of things. However you’re not any of those things if you have too much clutter. Clutter kills careers.

Add Value Not Goods

All the time you spend shopping for clothes you don’t wear and gadgets you don’t use is not time well spent.

Robert Kiyosaki famously said “The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time”.

The hours you spend shopping could be better spent. Instead you could be improving your prospects by doing voluntary work, studying for a qualification, reading industry books and magazines, or business networking. Why spent time shopping when you could be adding value to yourself?

The Money Trap

If you have lots of clutter then you’re tying up your dosh in pointless goods . This isn’t the way to make your money work for you. That same money could be earning interest, paying for you to study, invested in a business, or funding a career-enhancing hobby such as a public speaking club.

Change your attitude to money forever by reading The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason and Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez and Monique Tilford . Don’t trap your money in clutter, but invest in yourself instead.

The Value of Money

Money is too precious to waste on buying clutter and to tie up in clutter. Money is more valuable than naff products you never use. Clutter eats your cash, slows you down and distracts you from your career goals. Unless you have more money than you could ever need, don’t waste your cash on clutter. You worked hard for that money so make it work for you instead. Clutter keeps you poor so banish it!