Everyone likes to give and receive presents, and every Christmas and birthday we are inundated with gifts. But how many of these presents turn into clutter after a while? 

Do Some Research

We can’t always control what we are given, but we can control what we give. If we don’t want our gifts to become tomorrow’s clutter, then we need to do some research.

Some people give gifts that they would like themselves, but may not be ideally suited to the recipients. After all, Aunt Alice may not appreciate a subscription to ‘Motoring Monthly’ and little Jamie might prefer a toy to a Lady Gaga CD!

Avoid Last Minute Panic

Leaving gift shopping to the last minute is always fatal. As you wander amongst the crowds with a glazed expression on your face and panic in your heart, you may be tempted to buy the first thing you see. But ‘job done’ is not enough, it should be ‘job well done’.

As with all endeavours, planning and preparation are the key to success. Decide how much you want to spend, research what the person likes and what they possess already. Then you will be more likely to select a present that pleases, and more importantly, gets used.

Try Something Useful

If you can’t think what to buy for the person who has everything, then consider something useful like a food hamper, or an experience. But make sure the experience is suitable. After all, Grandma may not enjoy parachuting and Uncle Tom’s vertigo may make abseiling a rocky encounter.

If all else fails then money or store gift vouchers are always appreciated. After all, if they choose it themselves, then they’re bound to like it. You can then rest assured that even if you receive clutter, at least you won’t be giving it.