Do you love people popping around unexpectedly, or do you think “Uh oh”? We should feel proud of our homes or offices and revel in showing them off to people. The fact that we generally don’t often means that we’re ashamed of our clutter. Don’t allow secret shame to invade your environment. Get rid of the clutter and then you can hold your head up high and feel proud of your space.

We want our boss at work to think we’re amazing and that a promotion is the only way to thank us for our unswerving devotion to our job. We want our colleagues to be impressed by our skills and work ethic, so that they treat us with the respect we feel we deserve.

But if our desk is a morass of clutter, then our colleagues, our boss, and even the cleaning staff, will not have a very high estimation of our abilities. No matter how smart and able you are, if your desk is in disarray then people will think your mind is in disarray. And maybe they’re right!

Similarly in your own home, your efforts to appear cool, stylish, interesting and generally worth knowing, will be be sabotaged if your abode is a awash with clutter and junk.

If your possessions are out of control then not only will your relations and relations look at you askance, but even a door-to-door salesman will get a very dubious impression of you and your home!

Sadly appearances are important. First impressions may be deceptive, but the fact is that people are very easily deceived by them. If you want people to think you’re capable, efficient, intelligent and in control of your life, then you need to de-clutter.

Own a desk and a home that you can be proud to show off to people, and see how their respect and liking for you soars.