Making decisions can be hard, especially when you’re surrounded by clutter. Your clutter consists of old projects, sentimental reminders of your past, and unused items. You can’t engage in the clear thinking needed to make decisions when you’re surrounded by this stuff. Make a decision to clear your clutter and all your other decisions will get easier. 

Of course, it’s our inability to make decisions that causes most of the clutter in the first place. But once we’re surrounded by it, then decision-making becomes even harder as we feel powerless and overwhelmed by it all.

However, deciding to clear some clutter is a lot easier than deciding to change your career, get married, get divorced, move to another city or become a student again. These big life-changing decisions are hard to make because we fear the consequences of getting it wrong.

But staying the same is usually harmful to us. All around us the world is active, changing and progressing. If you don’t have the courage to change then you’ll get left behind, and you’ll start to wonder why all the good things happen to other people.

We need to learn to make decisions and practising on your clutter is a great way to start. The consequences of getting it wrong with your clutter are hardly life-changing, after all. Build up your decision-making muscle, gain confidence in making decisions about your junk and then move on to bigger things.

Clutter is a reflection of our inability to be decisive, so kick it out and see how your confidence soars.