Success can depend on many factors. One important rule to remember if you want to be successful is that you must dress for success, and you can’t do that properly with a cluttered wardrobe.

Clothes Can Change Your Mood

We’ve all had an important interview or occasion to go to and felt intimidated, or not in the mood for going. But as soon as you’ve changed into your smart dress or suit you feel differently. Suddenly you feel up for the challenge and this is because you’ve dressed for success.

Your clothes reflect your state of mind and can change your state of mind, so ensure that your clothes make you feel like a winner. Remove from your wardrobe any outfits that don’t make you feel special.

Keeping Up Appearances

When they’re at work most people realise the need for dressing smartly, but what about the evenings and weekends? Surely when you’re not at work it’s all right to slob around in an old tracksuit, or ripped jeans and a saggy t-shirt. Isn’t it?

Supermarket Chic

Well no, it’s not all right. What if you met your boss in the supermarket, or an important client in the high street? Would you want them to see you looking like something the cat dragged in? A well-known supermarket recently banned people from shopping there in their pyjamas! Were those pyjama-shoppers on the path to success? I doubt it!

Hobo Chic

If you want people to give you money to use your skills then you shouldn’t go around looking like a hobo, even at the weekends. Your appearance should reflect your value. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit to buy your fruit and veg, or a cocktail dress to post a letter, but there’s a happy medium and the name for it is smart casuals. Never wear anything you would be embarrassed to be seen in and you can’t go far wrong.

Shabby Chic

If you have scruffy tracksuits, offensive jumpers, past-their-best jeans and sad-looking t-shirts, in your wardrobe, then sooner or later you’ll end up wearing them. Avoid this risk by de-cluttering your wardrobe. Throw away the truly awful stuff, give away the not-very-good stuff and only keep those items that reflect your value as a person. If you feel more comfortable wearing a track suit around the house, then at least make sure it’s a smart one; it will make you feel more special.

Low Maintenance

Thinning out your wardrobe will have another good side effect. It will be a lot easier to co-ordinate outfits if you can see at a glance what you’ve got and it will be a darn sight easier to keep your clothes clean, ironed and in good repair. It’s important to keep all your day-time clothes in one place. It’s fine to keep out-of-season or special occasion clothing somewhere else, but the items you intend to wear regularly should be kept in one location.

Then you’ll know what you’ve got and won’t buy duplicates. You’ll also be able to see at a glance which items accessorize and where the gaps are in your wardrobe. You can then shop sensibly and your purchases are less likely to turn into clutter.

Wear Your Success

It’s better to have a small quantity of good quality clothes that you actually wear, reflect your value and make you feel good, than vast quantities of scruffy clothes that don’t represent your worth.

By de-cluttering your wardrobe of all the clothes that make you look and feel like an apathetic, lethargic, loafer, you’ll be sending a strong message to your brain. You will be telling yourself that you’re on the path to success and once you’re on that upward path, who knows where you could end up!