We’ve all done it. Bought clothes, sometimes really expensive ones that we couldn’t afford, and then not worn them. It hurts when we realise the money we spent was wasted and we have a wardrobe full of clutter. Ouch!  A cluttered environment creates obstacles in our road to success. Here’s how to clear one of the biggest obstacles. 

Don’t Buy What You Like

There is a way to avoid this agony. The best way to get rid of clutter is not to buy it in the first place. So you need to have a purchasing plan. This means you should avoid spontaneous and unplanned purchases. Don’t go into a clothes shop and buy what you like because you may not need it, it may not suit you and you might have nothing that goes with it.

Maybe you have a passion for skinny jeans, but don’t have a skinny body to go with them! Or maybe you keep buying sequinned tops or flamboyant shirts, to satisfy your inner party animal, but they’re gathering dust because you have nothing to wear with them.

Buy What You Need

This may seem radical but we don’t always need what we like and we don’t always like what we need. Sometimes what seems like the most boring purchases can be the most worn items in your wardrobe. In the past I had a tendency to buy colourful, interesting clothes that looked great in the shop.

Later on I wondered why I didn’t wear them, even though I loved them hanging in my wardrobe. Eventually I realised that these clothes didn’t fit into my lifestyle. The garments I wore to death and didn’t have enough of were jeans, black trousers, long sleeved T-shirts and jumpers. Clearly these did fit into my lifestyle.

Have a Purchasing Plan

Buying clothes that you will actually wear means that you have to come up with a plan.

What Suits You?

Firstly find out what suits you. Try all your clothes on in front of a full length mirror and ask yourself honestly, “Do they suit my figure and my personality? Or did I buy them because they’re fashionable? Or because I aspire to be the sort of person who wears this type of clothing?”

You may love black, but if it makes you look as pale as a vampire then you should consider some kinder colours. You may love very long skirts, but if you’re petite then they may make you look like a dalek from Doctor Who.

If you’re not sure what suits you then ask your family and friends for honest opinions. Read books or magazine articles to find out what suits your colouring and your figure. If you can afford it see a colour consultant for advice. Then you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need.

What Do You Need?

Once you have an idea of the colours and styles of clothing that suit your figure and your personality, do an inventory of what you already have. If you have nothing suitable then you have some major shopping to do. If only some of your clothes are suitable then you will need to fill in the gaps. Make a list of what you need, then go and buy those things and nothing else. You must give away all of the clothing that is wrong for you, in order to free up space for the new.

Become a Show Off

When your cupboards are full clothes that you know look good on, and suit your personality and your lifestyle, then you will feel comfortable wearing them. Unworn clothes will no longer sit gathering dust because you will make less mistakes. Even if you end up with fewer clothes over all, you will feel as if you have more because every garment will get worn regularly.

The charity shop may not benefit as much as it used to but your wallet certainly will. You will feel good knowing that you look great all the time and your social life will probably get a boost, as you’ll want to show off your new coordinated look.