Being surrounded by objects you dislike or feel indifferent to is a waste of your space. Your environment should only contain items that you enjoy looking at, or which serve a real and useful purpose in your life. Any object that doesn’t fulfil that brief is an interloper that is stealing your space. Surround yourself with things you love and reclaim your space. 

Offensive Ornaments

Absurd as it may sound, we all have objects in our homes that we don’t particularly like. These are often gifts, and can range from offensive ornaments to loathesome CD’s. Being given things we don’t like is understandable, as giving presents can be a bit hit and miss. What’s more puzzling is why we keep these hateful offerings!

Stop Being Polite

Why do we keep things that we positively dislike just to be polite to someone, who’s probably forgotten what they gave you in the first place! Let’s face it, can you remember the last five gifts you gave to your mother or sibling? What about the presents you’ve given your friends? You can’t remember, can you? Of course you can’t.

So you may give these gifts away with perfect impunity. Don’t feel guilty. You can appreciate the thought whilst hating the gift.

We Can’t Just Blame Relatives

Of course we can’t only blame our friends and relatives. We make mistakes too. I’m looking up at this very moment at a light shade which I don’t particularly like thinking “Why did I buy that? And when will I get around to replacing it?”

Just remember, we all make shopping gaffes, but you don’t have to live with them. We don’t need constant reminders of our bad decisions. It doesn’t matter how much you paid for it, a mistake is a mistake, and keeping it around is just making matters worse.

Look Around You

We deserve to be surrounded with objects we love. Look around you now. If you can see anything that you dislike, or even feel indifferent to, then get up now and remove the offending object. If a hurricane or a tidal wave swept that item away and you really wouldn’t care, then it doesn’t deserve to be in your home.

Everything we see should give us pleasure, or make us feel good in some way. Our surroundings should remind us of our victories, our happy times, or just be beautiful in their own right, so that gazing at them gives us real pleasure.

Banish The Bizarre

Don’t delay. Banish the bizarre, the repulsive and the mundane from your home, and see how much better you feel.