Most of us like to keep abreast of fashion when it comes to our clothing. We read fashion magazines, we observe what celebrities are wearing, and what people in the street are wearing, and we notice the new trends appearing in clothes shops. But are you a fashion victim? And is this causing a clutter problem for you?

Are You A Slave To Fashion?

Those of you who slavishly follow fashion will find that you have to go shopping quite frequently, because fashions change frequently. Those of you who are influenced by what celebrities are wearing will probably spend the most on fashion, but we are all guilty of not wearing perfectly serviceable clothes because they have become unfashionable and we don’t want to appear out of touch.

Who nowadays actually wears out their clothes? Not many people. Most of us stop wearing clothing because it’s out of date; last year’s styles; and heaven forbid we should look old-fashioned!

Clothes Glorious Clothes

The problem is that apart from spending a lot of money which many of us can’t really afford, we begin to have so many clothes that we could set up shop. We run out of wardrobe space, drawer space and every kind of space. We start to fantasize about walk-in wardrobes and begin to eye the spare room in a predatory manner. In other words, our clothes start to take over our homes and are beginning to become… clutter!

I’m the last person to suggest that you should swan around in old-fashion clothes. People do judge us by what we wear and if our clothes look out of date, then people assume that we are also out of date in our knowledge and our ideas. In addition, clothing is not just about impressing other people, but also about how it makes us feel. Having the right clothes on can make us feel good and can give us confidence. So what’s the solution?

Enjoy Then Eject

Solution One is to follow fashion but to ruthlessly sell or give away clothes as soon as they become out of date. This way you will only have in your wardrobe what you actually wear, you won’t run out of space, and you will be able to find what you need without rifling through ten years worth of attire!

Solution one will solve your space problem and your clutter problem, but it won’t solve the problem of the amount of money you are haemorrhaging on your buying sprees. If you have plenty of money then this isn’t a problem; spending money is good for the economy and supports shops, clothes designers, and a whole host of other related services.

Unfortunately though, many us can’t afford to spend as much as we do on fashions and our spending in this area could be depriving us of financial security.

Convert Into A Classic

Solution two is to stop following fashion quite so ruthlessly. Instead, focus on classic styles that will date much less quickly. Examples of classic styles of clothing are trench coats, riding-style boots, blue jeans, chinos, simple black dresses, plain white shirts and traditional cashmere sweaters. This type of clothing never really goes out of fashion. You can then add fashionable accessories to jazz them up and ring the changes.

Solution two will save you money as well as cutting down on your clothes clutter and is my recommended solution. It is also a good way to stand out because your simple, timeless elegance will set you apart from the fashion slaves.

Save Money, Time and Space

Whichever solution you adopt, you will find that your clothes clutter decreases. You won’t have to waste money on new wardrobes, chests or even rooms to store your attire. In addition  if you adopt solution two you will find that you are less likely to run out of money before pay day; not to mention the time you will save and the shoe leather you will conserve, in not having to spend so much time shopping.

Don’t let fashion add to your clutter problems; you can look good without storing enough clothes to outfit a department store. Start now, you know you want to!