Hunting Dining Room Clutter

Hunting Clutter in the Dining Room

The dining room is a room which in some houses is hardly used, especially if you have a table in the kitchen.

Refined eating clutter

Lots of people tend to eat in the kitchen, or in front of the TV in the living room, and the dining room only gets used when you have people round for a meal, at Christmas, or some other special occasion. At other times the dining room has little purpose other than to store your posh dining table and chairs, and possibly a whole host of other little used items such as porcelain dinner services, silver-plated cutlery, fabric napkins, napkin holders, candlesticks, place holders, table decorations, place mats, coasters, crystal wine glasses, crystal decanters, wine bottle holders, silver wine stoppers (the list is really endless).These items often sit in a sideboard or cabinet especially purchased to house them, the door of which gets opened as little as the dining table gets used.

Think to yourself, how often do I have people around to dinner, how often do I use my silver-plated cutlery, etc, and is it really worthwhile to keep a room solely for one function and one which occurs on a fairly rare basis at that?

People who use their dining rooms to their fullest purpose either entertain regularly around their dining room table (but often these people would rather entertain in the kitchen where they can chat while they are cooking), or who use the dining room to feed their kids and to do homework or paper based activities on the table (but again lots of people would rather do this in the kitchen because of the mess factor involved), or who have converted the dining room into a second living room or a more multi- purpose type of room.

While you are thinking along these lines why not ditch some clutter along the way. Silver-plated cutlery is wonderful if you use it but pointless if you never get it out: use it or sell it. The same goes for those fancy napkins, wine glasses and other posh paraphernalia bought to impress your dinner guests. Either go ahead and invite some people to impress, or sell the items. If you are not using them, then they are clutter to you.