Hunting Bedroom Clutter

Hunting Bedroom Clutter

As I mentioned before on the clutter decisions page, bedrooms can be a dumping ground for all the things you don’t know what to do with or when you tidy up in hurry for visitors. No one tends to see your bedroom except you or your partner, so you don’t get the social pressure to tidy up like you do in the living room or kitchen.

However if your bedroom is a mess it can have a negative effect upon your emotional well being. If you have plenty of storage fine, but if you don’t then you will have a mess on your hands, and even if it looks fine on the surface, no one wants to open a cupboard or drawer and find a tangled mess to deal with.

Clothes clutter

How many of the clothes in your wardrobe do you actually wear? Take out of your wardrobe all of the clothes that you don’t wear regularly and lay them on the bed. What is left? Not much I bet. Now look at the clothes on the bed. Why don’t you wear them? Are they too small, too big, are you saving them for best or for a special occasion, are they out of fashion, starting to wear out or just look a little faded and well worn, do they remind you of a special day or of a special person, do they make your bum look big, or do you just feel that they don’t look right for some indefineable reason?

People seem to have a lot of difficulty with disposing of clothes, but if you don’t wear them regularly then they are imposters in your wardrobe. If you don’t wear them then there is a good reason for that. Clothes which you know suit you, are comfortable, are appropriate to your lifestyle, and make you feel good about yourself are the ones which you end up wearing constantly, you literally wear them to death!

So don’t keep clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear. If they are too small then they will be uncomfortable and by the time you lose weight they will be unfashionable. If they are too big I can’t imagine why you would want to keep them unless you are afraid you will put on weight again: don’t live your life in fear, get rid of the big clothes. If they are unfashionable then they are not going to get more fashionable the longer you delay! (No, they won’t come back into fashion, every fashion comes back with a new emphasis or a new slant).

If they are being saved for a special occasion then how long have they been waiting? Will that occasion ever come? Why not wear them next time you go out to a restaurant? Saving clothes for a special time which may never come is really sad. If they don’t suit you or make your bum look big then you will never wear them: ditch them right now.

If they remind you of something special but you never actually wear them then consider taking a photo of them or of yourself in them. If you already have a photo then put it in a frame and display it or put it in an album. You will have the reminder without the clutter in your wardrobe.

Furniture clutter

If you have to much furniture in your bedroom then you may be able to free some up by following the clothes clutter guidelines above. Then you can sell the wardrobe or chest of drawers which you have emptied and not only will you have more money, then you will have a spacious and tidy bedroom (you win on all levels).


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