Hunting Bathroom Clutter

Hunting Bathroom Clutter

Bathrooms vary from rooms only just big enough to fit in a bath, basin, toilet and one person at standing room only, to a pleasant bedroom sized space. Either way, I guarantee there will be some clutter lurking there somewhere.

Cleaning product clutter

If you have a cupboard under the basin or at the end of the bath then it will be full of cleaning products, some of which you use, some of which you don’t use, some will even be completely empty (trust me, go and look now).

Toiletry clutter

If you don’t have space for this type of cupboard in your bathroom, then you will undoubtedly have squeezed one onto the wall somewhere, perhaps more than one. If you were to look in these then you would find toiletries (shampoo, soap, bubble bath, razors, deodorant, etc) which are like the cleaning products, some will be used and some won’t. Some you don’t like, some you don’t know you have, some don’t agree with your skin or your hair, some were gifts. But you will have kept all of them and will have to fumble to find the toiletries you do use regularly because these dust collectors will be taking up all the available space.

Do yourself a favour, ditch the cleaning products, the toiletries, and anything else in your bathroom that you don’t use. It doesn’t matter who gave it to you, do you use it?

It doesn’t matter what it cost, do you use it? It doesn’t matter if it looks nice or smells attractive, do you use it? You know what to do if you don’t.

Your reward for ditching all that bathroom clutter will be a bathroom that suddenly looks bigger, more spacious, is easier to clean, always (well, nearly always) looks tidy, and in which you can actually find something when you want to use it! Now that should be reward enough.