Career Clutter

Clutter isn’t restricted to the home but invades offices too. In fact because many offices are shared spaces, clutter here can be even more of a problem because often no one person takes responsibility for it.

Messy Desk Syndrome?

However one area that we can’t shirk responsibility for is our own desk. If your desk at work is a mess there are several disadvantages. Firstly it will affect your productivity. You simply cannot organise your work efficiently or your thoughts efficiently if your desk is cluttered.

Are You In Control?

Secondly you will give your colleagues and superiors the impression that you’re not in control of your workload or your time. Sadly, this may well be true!

What Is Office Clutter?

Office clutter consists mainly of paperwork, followed usually by lots more paperwork. But you can also add into the mix staplers, scissors, hole punches, pens, pen holders, filing trays, desk calendars, staple removers, ink stamps, rulers, mouse mats, hard drives, telephones, coffee mugs, potted plants and family photos.

A Place For Everything

There is a place for all of this motley collection and it should usually be divided between filing cabinets, the shredder, the bin, someone else’s desk, stationery cupboards, the post tray, and your own desk drawers. Have some personal items, but not too many or your desk will always look cluttered.

Only you can sort it all out and it may take some time, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Reaping The Rewards

Not only will you immediately feel better, a combination of clear-headed and virtuous, you will also find all kinds of items that you had lost in the mess. In addition to this your colleagues and bosses will usually be visibly impressed and it will raise their estimation of your ability to cope with your job.

Increase Productivity

When you start to be more productive, to manage your time better and to feel in a calm state of mind no matter what challenges are thrown at you, you can correctly attribute these benefits to your desk-clearing exercise!

Now you know the benefits of de-cluttering your space at work, I’m sure you’ll be keen to start. So get to it and have a productive day, week and month; and if you keep it up, a productive career.

Manage Your Clutter

Managers who want to reap the rewards of a more focused workforce, with superior time-management skills, allied with an improved attitude, should take note. This is because clutter affects the mood of your staff, as well as their physical performance.

Managers can help by encouraging a clear desk policy at the end of the day, ensuring staff have adequate storage and making sure that boxes and unused equipment are removed promptly and not left lying around.

Return On Investment

Once the clutter is removed, soothing and creative wall colours like soft yellows, greens or blues, and a few plants, will create an atmosphere which your staff will enjoy working in.

A happy, stress-free, focused workforce will undoubtedly make a return on investment of the time spent in de-cluttering the working space.

Boost Your Career

Don’t be a cluttered, messy, unmotivated worker or manager. Instead declutter your space and see how much it benefits your working day and your career. Clutter kills efficiency, so kill your clutter.


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